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It doesn’t matter how much one writes or publishes: the excitement of an acceptance letter never diminishes. I realized that last week after learning that one of my poems was accepted by an online journal. I’ve been trying to find a home for this poem, entitled “Graveside Wedding,” since I finished its last revision back in August.

It always feels like you’re trying to find a loving home for a piece of yourself. A majority of my writing is in some ways an extension of me. In that case, why would I want to put myself haphazardly in a magazine or journal that just feels “wrong?” By wrong, I just mean a wrong place for that particular poem or story.

And so, I’m leaving a part of myself in Unbroken‘s May/June issue, and I’m happy with that. That acceptance letter came at the perfect time, considering how crappy the past few weeks have been. It’s on to the next one now.

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